Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some thoughts on repentance

In the journey with God, or unity with Christ ever since I have been born again, I realize that repentance is really one of the most if not the most important spiritual activity.

Not only do I have to pray but automatically meditate on the word of God, his law and the necessity of being sanctified. Once again, it seems to me that the Holy Spirit draws me to do that and evil tries to tell me:  because everything has been achieved on the cross, you don't have to.

Purity is nothing that I gained for myself but it is something that God grants which is expressed by the act of repentance. As I realize that repentance is eventually the hardest thing on earth, divine grace remains a mystery to me, and I think even in eternity we will never be able to grasp God's grace and love in its entirety.

What Jesus has done on the cross is the utmost form and perfection of forgiveness.

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