Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reformed Theologians

I have recently read an article by a reformed theologian who published an article on a critique about a viral video. I think it was something like "Jesus hates religion". Before i read the article i watched the video. there were some things i could not directly follow, and this theologian wrote a comprehensive report on it.

He was sort of half half on it but got some negative feedback.
Basically, the problem is this: Being a reformed christian myself, i think it is fair to say that the reformed theology is the more "pure" and leaning most to scripture - closer than others. However, it is really important that we do not behave like phariseans, fingerpointing others, nailing their theological weaknesses and being patronizing to the max. I think there is a right time and time to present / and even argue with others about details. But i think this is not every moment and every time. We need to be careful, caring and smart, opening gates to what we believe is the truth. Of course, not forgetting that UN-truth/lies have to be fought vigorously and uncompromisingly. Sometimes i think it is better to start with what C.S. Lewis calls Mere Christianity when we evangelize.

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